At Wits End, safety is our first priority.  At this time, we are opening our facility for Cross Country and Dressage Schooling.  Show Jumping Schooling can be arranged with notice so we can have someone available to set the jumps and avoid physical contact with poles and standards.  

To prepare to open, we have undertaken a safety risk assessment to identify and address additional safety precautions necessary due to COVID-19 - all of our COVID-19 policies & rules can be found here.  We have reviewed the Ontario Equestrian Guide to Reopening Equine Businesses in Ontario and the Equine Canada COVID-19 Return to Business Operations Framework. We will require anyone visit our facility to following the guidelines below:

1.   All visitors to our facility my be registered in advance.  

2.   All visitors will be required to sign a waiver in advance of arrival.  The waiver will include a requirement to confirm the following:

           - that the visitor has not had any contact with someone with COVID-19 within the last 15 days

            - that the visitor does not have any symptoms of COVID-19

            - that the visitor has not travelled outside of Canada or on an airplane in the last 15 days

            - that the visitor is voluntarily accepting the risk regarding COVID-19 by attending at the facility

       For a copy of the waiver, please click here.  

3.   All visits will be by appointment and visitors will be expected to arrive and leave within their appoinment time

4.   All visitor must use their designated parking area

5.    No more than 10 people per group including riders, coaches and helper/parents

6.    All groups are responsible for social distancing amounst themselves

7.    One member from each group must be designated as responsible for first aid or calling for assistance in case of an accident/fall.  That person is responsible for keeping appropriate PPE (surgical mask, eye protection, disposable gown/covering, gloves) available and a means to dispose of same if they are used (no garbage to be left on site, please)

8.     One person from the group must confirm by text message or phone call when they arrive on site and also confirm that everyone who was registered to attend is present, and again when they are leaving. 

9.     All visitors  must bring food and water for themselves and their horses as there will be none available on site. 

10.    No spectators allowed on site. Only essential helpers.  Please no dogs. 

There is a portable toilet available on site with a handwashing station.  There is also hand sanitizer and disinfectant for cleaning any touchpoints in the portable toilet.  

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