July 25, 2019 Cross-Country Schooling and Mini Cross Country Trials

Join us on July 25, 2019 with your coaches for an evening of cross-country schooling with a mini cross-country trials (approximately 2 minute courses).  The trials will be scored based on jump penalties and then who is closest to the Optimum time.  Courses will be 10 to 15 jumping efforts on a rolling track with minimal tricky turns.  

Entries will close at 5:00 pm on Monday July 22nd.  

Start time:  2:00 pm for schooling, 3:00pm for Cross-Country Trials

For the rules for the cross-country trials, click here.  Placing will depend on jump penalties and who is closest to the Optimum time.  Time penalties will be award at 0.4 per second under the optimum time and 1 per second over the optimum time. 

To sign up, please fill out the Entry Form Here. There will be a pairs division in the cross-country trials.  

Fees for both cross-country schooling and the trials:  $80.00 ($70.80 + 9.20 HST)

Fees for schooling only:  $50.00 ($44.25 + $5.75 HST)

Fees for pairs division if already participated in the trials $25.00 ($22.12 + $2.88 HST) per rider, $50.00 per pair ($44.25 + $5.75 HST)

Entry fees include the ambulance fee.  Please pay by e-transfer to amanda@witsendhorsetrials.ca or by credit card using our shopify account (see options below)

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The schedule for the schooling night/cross-country trials is posted here (subject to change if there are any mistakes/additions).  The schooling is anytime after 2pm.  The only restriction is that the courses will be off-limits during the cross-country trials. There are other jumps that you can school while the competion is underway.  Any questions, please email amanda@witsendhorsetrials.ca.  

Scores for the Cross-Country Trials are Posted Here. 

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